A Quick Look At What I’ve Been Doing

Well, I still don’t have all that stuff written up that I mentioned last time and I’m lazy so I probably won’t do it now.

Instead I’ll write about what happened more recently!

Smz and I fought and killed Sea Horror. Revenge for all those years ago!

Smz and I fought pirates and died!

The linkshell helped me defeat the Guardian Statue, the final NM I needed to kill to get my red mage artifact hat

I narrowly escaped becoming a dragon’s meal…

The last FFXI update was Monday. During this update a few of the servers merged together. The server we play on was one of them. The population has more or less completely doubled since then. Also, the servers seem to be having major problems. A lot of areas in the game are down for “emergency maintenance.”

Campaign, one of the best ways I can get xp right now, has become so crowded that it isn’t even worth doing any more. Earlier I tried and there were 84 people there in the zone I had picked (before the merge it was around 30). I watched as an entire wave of enemy forces were mowed down in three minutes. For those who don’t play/know why this is bad, the xp you get in campaign depends on how long the battles last + what you do in the battles. If the battles last only 3 minutes your xp is pretty much nothing, making it not even worth doing.

I’m praying like crazy that it’ll die back down after everyone grinds out the next campaign rank medal and gets the items they want. But I’m not going to hold my breath.


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