I’m Not Dead, Honest!

Goodness gracious, great balls of firaga!

It really has been a long time since I last wrote anything on this blog.  I haven’t quit the game, and yes I’ve been doing stuff.  I just keep forgetting to come here and talk about it.  So let me try to quickly summarize a little bit of what’s happened recently.

Stubborn Dredvodd
I’m more stubborn than this orc!  Last time I wrote I mentioned that I was still camping this thing for the ring.  Well, my camping days are finally over with him.  I finally obtained it.  It took ages, over 130 boat rides, and months of camping it on and off but I finally did it.

For anyone out there who sees this and goes “man, I wish I could get that ring” or “I wish I could figure out how to get this thing to spawn…”  well, I’ll give you some tidbits of info that I’ve found out.

The wiki page says it is believed the spawn time is 21~24 hours, with it sometimes taking over 72.  In my own experiences, I have found that the respawn is consistently 130 hours or more; or roughly five days apart.  Once you know when he died last, time it for about 130 hours (nearly 5 and a half days) and try again.  Now when you try it then, assuming someone doesn’t beat you to the punch (sometimes it can spawn slightly before 130, but honestly it was almost always 130+ when I figured it out) it has two spawn locations on the boat.  It can spawn on the side closest to when you board or on the side with the empty square.  If the spawn location is on one side and you’re sitting on the other side, you won’t ever see the NM.  You have to be on the side where the spawn location is sitting.

Now I found that it likes to alternate.  If I killed him on the side with the empty square, it usually spawned on the side where you board and vice versa.  So just write down which side you killed him on and go to the other side when his spawn timer is up again.  Or you could just bring a friend and cover both sides (that’s probably the easiest and best method).

That’s really all there is to this NM.  There is no weather trick; there is no certain day he will spawn or anything like that.  So good luck to all you Stubborn Dredvodd hunters.

I’ve been spending a ton of time in campaign too.  How much?  Well, I have something like 23 merits (so 230,00 limit points?).  My group 1 Samurai merits are almost done.  I’m 9/10.  I’m having a hard time deciding what to place the last point into though.  As it stands, I have 2 into Third Eye (I solo/duo a lot; this has saved my life more times than I can count), 3 into Store TP, and 4 into Meditate.  I’m debating if I should max Meditate or pop another point into Store TP.

I still have a really long way to go though when it comes to merits.  My other merits include: 2 into great katana, 1 into HP and MP each, and 1 into Overwhelm.

NM Hunting
Aside from Stubborn Dredvodd, Smz and I have been hunting various NMs.  The big one was one of the newer NMs, Picolaton, for a piece of dragoon armor for him.

That NM hits pretty hard for its level.  Thankfully we managed to kill it and get the drop on the first try.  I don’t know what we would have done if we had to have spent weeks there trying to get the thing.

While looking around I managed to find my old FFXI comic.  Re-reading it inspired me to not only get it back up online but to create two new strips.  I have quite a few ideas bouncing around in my head, so more strips are probably going to come soon.  Please come check it out by clicking riiiiight here.

There’s plenty more updates I have to talk about but I’m out of time for now.  I’ll come back at a later time and try to write about some more.  Until then..


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  1. Mike
    Mar 15, 2010 @ 21:47:16

    I’m VERY interested in Stubborn Dredvodd. I know you’ve posted this for reason, but how certain are you of this information? It seems you approached it rather scientifically; is there a chance you missed spawns by not hitting EVERY boat ride in/around the 24-hour mark?

    I’d welcome an email response. 🙂

    Thanks for the great info! It’s good to see someone offer more concrete ideas on this NM.


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