Xarcabard (S) is Bananas!

I thought it’d be fun to go explore the two new past areas and do a campaign battle in each to see how they compared to the (now) over-crowded areas of the past.  Boy, was I shocked at the insanity.

Now, to be fair, I went to the areas as my (extremely under leveled) 63 Ninja as I didn’t want to risk any XP on my 73 Samurai.  So it should come as no surprise as I was more or less worthless in the two campaign battles I participated in.  I just wanted to see how crazy they would be.   Here’s a few pictures:

Nothing like having a giant dragon..thing..drop plop down on top of you while the allied forces are trying to stave off wingless dragons, imps and demons.

How do they compare to the other areas?  Eh, about the same.  Although the forces of evil were there to defend their forts, whereas when I went to several offensive battles in the other areas there was nothing in sight for miles (which led to a pitiful 20xp for the battle).  I can imagine if I was a much higher level, 75 with merits for example, I could probably rake in the xp/notes; at least in the glacier area.


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