Augment and Testimony

So I decided to try out the augment system from this latest update. As I’ve heard on multiple message boards, the augment system is a total disappointment. A translation error on SE’s side tricked a lot of people into thinking it was much better than it really was and that once reality sunk in so did anger.

I can’t completely disagree.

When they first announced augments I figured it’d be a difficult quest that would allow you to select a trait or two and slap it onto some older low-level gear. As everyone knows by now, that’s really not the case. You take the gear and spend tabs from FoV and fight an NM (which is a joke at 68). You get random augments and it isn’t always positive.

After obtaining a beetle mask (DEF:9) from a brown treasure casket I went and tried it out.

Click here for the full video and watch in HD

For those who don’t want to watch the video to see the result:

I’m not entirely sure who the augmented mask would be good for. Beastmaster? Dancer? Eh. To me it was worthless and I NPCed it for the 1k it was worth. It would be a lot better if it didn’t slap on negative effects to your equipment, even if they left the augments completely random. But oh well. This is Square-Enix we’re talking about and I’ve come to expect disappointment.

In other news……

I’m getting really close to squaring off against Maat. Thanks to Toastup and Smz for helping me obtain this testimony. Hopefully it won’t go to waste.


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