Petrifying Pair

My interest in BCNMs really sparked after I saw a video of Avesta, a well-known red mage, solo multiple NMs and BCNMs that were previously considered undoable. This really inspired me to start leveling RDM to try to see what I, myself, could do. My friend, Smz, also got inspired and decided to join me to see what was possible to duo.

This entry will be about my first duo BCNM: Petrifying Pair.


  • Smz went as 30 SAM / 15 DNC
  • I went as 30 RDM / 15 NIN

For the RDM: Yew Wand+1, Hermit’s Wand, Morion Tathlum, Trump Crown, Holy Phial, Beetle Earring+1, Onyx Earring, Baron’s Saio, Gigas Bracelets, Knowledge Ring, Bomb Ring, Wolf Mantle+1, Mohbwa Sash+1, Custom Slacks, Custom M Boots

For the SAM: Mokusa, Brass Grip+1, RSE Ammo, Centurion’s visor, Spike Necklace, Dodge Earring, Beetle Earring+1, Centurion’s Scale Mail , Federation tekko, Courage Ring x2, Nomad’s Mantle, Warrior’s Belt, Centurion’s Cuisses , Centurion’s Greaves

The basic strategy was to have Smz do massive amounts of damage to the brown lizard, Kilioa, while I kite the white lizard, Kalamainu, around the arena (all while I’m trying to keep Smz alive).

Before starting the fight (and before I recorded the video) I buffed us up with Protect II and used Utsusemi: Ichi on myself. Smz used meditate. We waited until meditate was ready again and then ate goblin chocolate (resist petrify and intimidates lizards). I casted Regen on Smz and used a yagudo drink. That’s all we needed to use before fighting. The rest you can see in the video:

Click and watch in HD for best quality

As you will undoubtedly notice, towards the end there’s a skip. My connection red-dotted for a few seconds and I nearly pinged out. I cut out the 15 seconds or so of the connection being idle, hence the skip. We still won despite this small setback.


  • You can split the drops two ways instead of three.
  • It’s not very hard if you have a general battle plan and know what to do.


  • You can only do the BCNM once every two hours, as the SAM needs to use his/her 2hr to win.
  • You do have to buy some medicine and goblin chocolate. I believe Smz bought three or four hi-potions+1. I had used 2 Yagudo drinks (but I made those myself)
  • Petrify can mean death. If the DD gets petrified and the kiter is unable to keep him/her alive until it wears off, it’s game over.
  • Drop rate on the boots suck. Sometimes you spend more gil on the medicines than you will get back from the drops.
  • You need a fairly decent DD in order to do enough damage to kill the first lizard fast enough.

Keep in mind that you only have 15 minutes to complete the BCNM. As you’ll see, it took us 10 minutes to win (4 min to buff and wait for meditate (not shown), 6 min for the actual fight).

Some things I’d do differently next time:

  • I’d cast dia on the lizard I’m kiting to do a bit of damage while I’m waiting for Smz to kill the other. This’ll slowly gnaw away at its life which will make it a bit faster to kill later on.
  • I’d try to enfeeble the brown lizard a little more, aside from just bio and blind. Maybe a slow or paralyze would help.
  • I’d really like to have a Carect Ring to help with the MP issue and a Morion’s Earring to replace the Beetle Earring+1.

And there’s my first BCNM duo. Hopefully we’ll do another one soon and I’ll write about it here.


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